Latest RPA Tools List and Comparison

RPA Benefits

Robotic Process Automation RPA enables you to create your software robots to automate any business process. RPA Dramatically reduces operating costs with almost zero error rates.

An RPA can interact with various other systems either through screen scraping / API integrations and can make decisions and determine its actions based on inputs gathered from other systems.

The selection of an RPA tool must include how quickly and easily the tool can scale to business requirements, changes, exceptions, or increasing operations.

VendorTechnologyStudioFeaturesProgrammingKnown Issues
Microsoft Sharepoint
Community Edition
Enterprise Studio
UiPath Studio X
Computer Vision
Citrix Automation
Web Based Orchestrator
Cloud Based
Entry-level pricing
UiPath academy
VB C#Scaling
Blue PrismVisual Basic C# J#
Microsoft .net
Client Server Architecture
Trial VersionRobust and Scalable
Audit logs enabling
Client Server ArchitectureTrial VersionAutomation Anywhere can be deployed in any environmentScaling
High Cost of Deployment
PegaJava base
Low-code platform
Pega academyPoor at handling media or very interactive screens such as video
NICE SystemsVB Scripting C#desktop and server automation
Supports CRM, billing, MS Office, virtualization, and networking
Kofaxcognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and engagement, and analytics
Redwood Software
Kryon Systems
Visual Cron
WorkFusionscalable, unlimited RPA product for freeReal-time learning, low-code AutoML
Plug-and-play scalability, centralized governance

Most RPA’s supports all types of application environments and data sources, including websites, portals, enterprise systems, and legacy applications, Excel, Email, XML, JSON, CSV, and SQL.

Robotic Process Automation is a new technology in the IT industry, and to implement RPA, we need the best RPA Tools. Business users build and deploy RPA bots in weeks and see ROI in a few months.

What you need in a RPA Tool is

  • process modeling
  • change management
  • deployment management
  • execution monitoring
  • remote execution and scheduling.