Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare – Use Cases

There are many possibilities for automation in the healthcare industry using Robotic process automation.

RPA technology can serve healthcare companies with various use cases involving data transfer and clinical documentation.


Simplifying Patient Appointment SchedulingRPA bots can streamline patient appointments according to diagnosis, location, doctor availability, and other criteria.
Speeding up Account SettlementsRPA bots can accurately calculate the bill amount considering the costs for tests, medicines, ward room, food, and doctor fees and notify patients of their bill amount.
Streamlining Claims ManagementRPA software can speed up data processing for insurance claims and avoid errors.
RPA ToolsPopular Robotic Process Automation Tools
UiPathManage credentials, encryption and access controls, faster automation through Citrix
Automation AnywhereBank-grade security, authentication, encryption, and credentials, Real-time reports and analytics
Blue PrismMulti-environment deployment model, Network and software credentials Security, Multi-platform
high-volume, repetitive tasks, bridging system and data integration gaps at scale
Power AutomateMicrosoft Power Platform
NICE Systemsmakes routine desktop tasks easy, fast and error-free, for improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.
Kofaxautomate repetitive tasks and manual processes
OthersRedwood Software, Contextor, Jidoka, Kryon Systems, Visual Cron, WorkFusion, Inflectra Rapise